Hobbart & Hobbart is an agency that delivers agent services.

The agency is managed by Martin Braathen with a group of representatives and is based in Oslo and London. Martin Braathen has 20 years of experience both as an agent and producer. He has a long professional career in the film production industry. The agency works with the art industry in general and specialises in representing clients both as agent and negotiator. The agency also deals with press filtering, merchandising and crisis guidance as well as offering personal management.

Hobbart & Hobbart is proudly to organizing Oslo International Film Festival with Director Tommy Lørdahl.


Hobbart & Hobbart is a part of a collaboration between Scandinavia`s major talent agencies; Actors Agency of Sweden and Team Players in Denmark. Through this network we promote our clients in Scandinavia and internationally.


Hobbart & Hobbart cooperate with the law firm Gilbo AS mna.


Martin Braathen


Ane Vestby


Einar Schwenke
Coach & PR- consultant


Hanne Gilbo


Hobbart & Hobbart Middelthunsgt. 25a 0368 Oslo, Norway Tlf: +47 45 46 55 27 Mail:braathen@hobbart.no